Improve the environmental performance of Purina’s packaging

Our Goal

By 2019

Avoid the use of a minimum of 3,000 tonnes of packaging material.

Our Point of View: Purina, Packaging, and the Environment

Purina’s packaging is critical to ensuring the food we produce is kept fresh for the pets that we feed. It also provides important factual and legal information about the product inside. However, at the same time, we know that pet lovers are concerned about the impact our products have on the environment.

At Purina, packaging is something we think about carefully; we understand that we have an obligation to reduce the environmental impact of our packaging in terms of weight and volume, raw materials and transportation.

To achieve our goal, and improve recycling rates, we have kicked off projects all over Europe, exploring materials from renewable resources and leading the development of renewable bio plastics. We are also using a special tool to help us understand the impact of Purina’s packaging today versus the new solution.

Building on Nestlé CSV

Nestlé Commitment: Improve the environmental performance of our packaging

Objective: To continue to systematically analyse and optimise our packaging portfolio, avoiding the use of at least 100 000 tonnes of packaging material.

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Improve the environmental performance

Recycling today for a better tomorrow…

During 2014 and 2015 our Wisbech factory worked with waste contractor Enval to look at how Felix pouches could be recycled as part of a wider initiative involving DEFRA’s (Department for Food, Environment and Rural Affairs) Action Based Research Programme and Coca-Cola Enterprises.

The trial saw households in Bracknell, Calderdale and Hounslow place their used Felix pet food pouches, as well as other previously non-recyclable items, into special collection bags. From there, the materials were sent on to Enval’s facility in Huntingdon where the aluminium and plastics were separated and eventually turned into new materials, the aluminium to metal products and the plastic to reusable oil. It’s hoped that the technology used to recycle the pouches could one day be rolled out across the UK.

Our other commitments

Create jobs at Purina for young people across Europe

We recognise that attracting and retaining great people is critical for the future of our business.


Promote pets in the workplace

We want to use our expertise in allowing pets in our offices to help other companies do the same.


Remove artificial colourants from our products

Many of our products are already free from artificial colourants. By 2023 all will be.


Deliver accessible product information and pet care advice

We believe in empowering consumers to make informed choices.


Promote responsible pet ownership programmes for children

We want to help educate more children across Europe to learn about responsible pet ownership.


Implement responsible sourcing

We’re committed to ensuring that we and our suppliers act in a responsible and sustainable way.


Lead the industry in pet nutrition and health research

As a company of pet lovers we are dedicated to leading the way in keeping pets healthy and happy, through industry leading nutrition and pet understanding.


Help reduce the risk of pet obesity through collaborative prevention programmes

At Purina, we want to raise greater awareness of pet obesity and work with partners to create holistic prevention programmes.


Promote pet adoption through collaborations and partnerships

We want to help more pets find loving homes.